dip in the pool "Around the World in a Day" trip#1


We, "dip in the pool" will make a world tour!

Track maker, Tatsuji Kimura and Vocalist, Miyako Koda made a duo in 1983. Since then we’ve been making unique alternative music at our slow pace. Days passed by, and now again we happened to have a good reputation from a new generation. And in those few years, we’ve got many collaboration offers from various artists in and out of Japan. Some of them you might know.

Though we’re gonna have a small world tour this year too, It is no longer possible due to the influence of COVID-19. But we’ve come to know that we can make a world tour without us moving, just adjusting our time to each time zone on a live streaming.

We will perform on18th of July in each time zone below. We call it "Around the World in a Day" tour.

trip#1 starts at 7pm (JST) for Asia, Oceania
trip#2 starts at 3pm (CET) for Europe, Africa
trip#3 starts at 10pm (CDT) for North and South America

Let’s join our live stream! We’re looking forward to having you on 18th July.

And we like to introduce you a brilliant artist who will perform with our music this time.
Akiko Nakayama ‘Alive Painting’ artist. We‘ve collaborated already in an event in Paris last year. Her dynamic colour performance was fascinating. Never ceases flowing. Painting is alive!

Each trip takes about 45 - 60 minutes. You could pick one trip you like to join. And of course you could choose the whole world tour with us!

Get tickets and Join our party! We’re waiting for you with great pleasure.

dip in the pool
Miyako Koda & Tatsuji Kimura

<dip in the pool "Around the World in a Day" trip#1>
start: 18th July 7pm-(JST) / 12pm-(CET) / 5am-(CDT)
streaming viewing ticket: 1,100yen

<Precautions for viewing>
-This performance will be performed on the Internet. You will be responsible for communication costs related to browsing.
-Since the amount of data is large, we recommend using a stable Internet environment.
-The delivery URL and password will be posted on the "Watch stream page" about 30 minutes before the performance. A link button to the "Go to watch stream page" is included in the email sent from Peatix after purchasing the ticket. Please see the link below for details.
How to join an online event
-Distribution will be done using Vimeo. Please confirm the operating environment on the following site.
Vimeo system requirements
-During live streaming, if you watch it from the middle, it will be the video from that point and you cannot rewind and play.
-The archive can be viewed until 23:00 on July 20th, 2020 (JST).
-Since the file is converted after live streaming, there is a time when you cannot watch it for about an hour.
-Tickets are sold for each trip. If you would like to see another trip, please purchase from the link below.

trip#2 18th July 10pm-(JST) / 3pm-(CET) / 8am-(CDT)
trip#3 19th July 12pm-(JST) / 5am-(CET) / 18th July 10pm-(CDT)

- profile -
dip in the pool

dip in the pool was formed in 1983 by Tatsuji Kimura and Miyako Koda. They soon earned a reputation in the subculture scene because of their unique sense of music and fashion, and in 1985, they debuted in England on the Rough Trade label.Since then they have released 10 albums. In 2016 “On Retinae “(originally in 1989) 12 inch ver. was reissued from the label ‘Music from memory’ in Amsterdam, which has a worldwide reputation as a good maniac music hunter from the past. “On Retinae “ was welcomed again to the world of today. And they’ve got lots of offers for collaborations and festivals from around the world. In 2020 they’ve just released a new song ‘Colour of Life’ co-composed with a Canadian talented artist ‘CFCF’

Akiko Nakayama Born in 1988, is a painter who depict a beauty of convey energy metamorphosis through several media such as installation, photos and performance. Combining the energy of movement and the vibrance of colors, Akiko Nakayama brings pictures to life.Called “Alive Painting”, Akiko depicts the resonance between shapes and textures by using different types of liquids, each with a unique characteristic. In recent years, She is energetically engaged giving her performance “Alive Painting” SOLO & Collaborations in various countries. New ARS ELECTORONICA opening performance (2019) Austria Linz, TEDxHaneda (2015) Japan Tokyo, LAB30 FESTIVAL (2018) US Augsburg, Biennale Nemo (2018) Paris, MUTEK Montreal (2019).

「Clour of life」
dip in the pool
Music and Tracks by Tatsuji Kimura and CFCF
Lyrics and Vocals by Miyako Koda

Sat Jul 18, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM JST
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Online event
trip#1 18th July 7pm-(JST) / 12pm-(CET) / 5am-(CDT) ¥1,100

On sale until Jul 19, 2020, 7:00:00 PM

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